“After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder which has caused me much pain… Katie has helped me with my diet and the results have been amazing! I absolutely recommend Katie for those who need help with how to manage conditions that don’t seem to have easy answers” Joyce P.

“For a long time I had been looking for a functional medicine expert who could meet my health related needs. I found that person in Katie O’Neil. Katie is very professional and extremely personable.  She has helped me in a myriad of ways!” Maureen

“I was looking for a Provider who would listen to my concerns, be professional, considerate of my time, and I found all of this in Katie. ..I would definitely recommend Katie to anyone looking for a knowledgeable professional, and affordable Provider who has your best mind, body, and health as her priority “ Cindy J.

“Katie was able to help me with fatigue and morning sweating and now I feel amazing, I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with low energy or any chronic condition. I absolutely recommend Katie to individuals that need to get to the bottom of complicated issues”. Dr. Paul Lyell

“Katie Was very understanding when I went to her at my wits end dealing with a hormonal imbalance caused by menopause… I started feeling better after a few weeks on hormone therapy and after just a few months I feel back to my old self. I am sleeping better, no more hot flashes or night sweats, I think more clearly, my emotions are balanced, etc. I could go on and on.” Christy J.